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Squishy Robots

"A new phase-changing material built from wax and foam developed by researchers at MIT is capable of switching between hard and soft states."

MIT researchers are trying to change the paradigm of your typical robot by mimicking organic substances. The idea is that the robot should be soft to conform to a particular environment, and interact with humans, though rigid enough to actually do a procedure. They can achieve this by applying heat at particular points to deform the object, then applying coolness to make the object rigid again. 

"Robots built from this material would be able to operate more like biological systems with applications ranging from difficult search and rescue operations, squeezing through rubble looking for survivors, to deformable surgical robots that could move through the body to reach a particular point without damaging any of the organs or vessels along the way."

The last gif is a example of bendable articulation. :D 

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Air India

Photographer Amos Chapple’s remarkable aerial views of India were shot by attaching his camera to a ‘quadcopter’ drone`

Pictures: Amos Chapple

Source: The Guardian


So what’s this I hear about a ride to the beach?

Hey, look who’s finally back! So I’m guessing you got rid of that Ardax guy? I dropped off some gross lemon pasta sauce at your place the other day, but I think Gus was walking Ping or something and I was all alone with Snowshoe.

Anyway, yeah, Gus and I were wondering if you could take us to the beach sometime. Summer’s almost over, you know, and it’s not really a good vacation if we don’t all bitch about getting sand in gross places and nearly stepping on jellyfish.


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Babs claimed the salad bowl so now we can’t use it



Black Light Bodyscapes by John Poppleton

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Hey even better, get them to team up! At the very least they can brag about it after Summer’s over.

That is a terrible idea and you know it.

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I still remember when someone forced Dipper to eat a TON of Smile Dip! Woooo boy, if you thought I was weird…

…Dipper was worse.

I’m guessing inability to handle sugar runs in the family, then?

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Oh geez, maybe I shouldn’t talk. I ate an entire thing of cupcakes from Wendy in one night.

That…that is just incredible. Has he considered an eating contest in any local event or when the Pines do those mini-carnivals? You can win some really good prizes sometimes.

Oh man, he wishes. Robs might be good at eating things and falling asleep on my couch, but Thompson’s the one who can really pack it in when it comes to competitions. 

…my friends are gross.

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I get that teens are still growing and men need more calories but…do they even taste their food, savor it at least? I guess we’ll never know the reason unless we’re guys ourselves.

How on earth does that make any sense? Well if he gets a stomachache he’ll only have himself to blame.

Believe me, Robs tasted this food. It’s just… it’s absolutely incredible and I don’t get it at all. Hell, I had a guy bod for a while and I never got these urges. Must be a dude brain thing or whatever.

Robbie’s stomach is pretty fucking ironclad, actually. He’s like, the only person I know that can eat a shitty fast food burger and two slices of pie and then run a mile because he forgot his van on the other side of town. He makes no sense.

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Hey, don’t ask me! I’m not even sure how I did it. All I know is that I never touched it again after that, and I never will. Never again!

It’s a good thing the stuff is banned in America… and Germany, I think. Yeah, I’m pretty sure no place in the world makes it anymore. So, even if you did manage to eat it, it would have to be /really/ old candy.

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dontstartunbelievin replied to your post: He did it he finished the can. Help.


Robbie is gross and ate a whole can of Redi-whip in one sitting.

Eww. Why are guys like that?

I don’t know! Where is it all going, anyway? I don’t… how do they do it?

…in case you’re wondering /why/ he did this, he says it’s revenge for me eating all the strawberries at his place the other day. Strawberries he was NEVER GOING TO EAT.



…then again, I shouldn’t be talking. Considering how much Smile Dip I consumed at one point.

I still don’t know how you did that, Mabes. My mom said she tried to eat Smile Dip when she was pregnant with me and a lady actually swatted it out of her hand. Apparently, that stuff’s not good for a developing kid.

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dontstartunbelievin replied to your post: He did it he finished the can. Help.


Robbie is gross and ate a whole can of Redi-whip in one sitting.

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He did it he finished the can.