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i talk a lot of shit for someone who can’t choose rude dialogue options in games because i’m scared of hurting a characters feelings


dyed my hair deep teal



Yes your highness!

If Robbie and I were ever really in one of those “shoot the body stealer” situations I think we’d end up screaming shit from late night convos to prove our identities.


More genderswapping!

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Celebrity Pooch Hits Coney Island Incognito

By Anna Washenko, FluffPo Correspondent

Being a celebrity isn’t all red carpet premieres and designer threads. When you’re a public figure like Pugsy, host of the reality TV show Big Barker, just running out for a rawhide without causing a paparazzi swarm is almost impossible. FluffPo’s gossip column has just learned that Pugsy may be using disguises in order to escape his SoHo loft and roam the city in peace.

Today, he wanted to enjoy a last summertime hurrah without the stress of having photographers or fans in his face, so he opted for a clever costume.

FluffPo caught up with Pugsy’s rep, Maria Andrade, while the pup was in line for one of the popular roller coasters. “He just wants to be able to enjoy the boardwalk like a normal dog,” Andrade said. “So I came up with the idea of this disguise! We’ve been here for hours and nobody has recognized him!”

Suddenly, Andrade looked concerned. “Wait, is this on the record?”

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Helldoggie Daycare


Ricky turned on the car, adjusting her mirrors, wanting to avoid that particular pothole that the Pines refused to repair for one reason or another, and backed into the dirtroad and out.

" He gave me a scare, all of us really. I learned that it wasn’t the spell that harmed him, it was me leaving him. In a way, I became a family member or loved one or something, and when I left him it was a shock. Now he’s gotten even closer to me, I guess trying to make sure I don’t take off again."

She pondered the teen’s question. Jason was tall, taller than her at least, she could guesstimate he was the same height as Wendy, though that would Wendy the giantess among the girls in town. Their older brother though, wow, that guy was a match for his father in build and height, and almost just as hairy. She knew that one day he’d probably take over as foreman in the lumberyard.

" Jason? Ehhh…he’s about maybe an inch or two taller than me. Why?"

Tambry smirked, pulling her phone out of her pocket and idly flipping through her pictures of her pets. “I figured that was it. I told you, animals get super attached to people. Not really surprised it’s the same for creatures who used to be animals.”

She froze, glancing between her mobile and friend for a bit as she tried to process the new information. “Ugh, figures.” The shorter teen slumped down in her seat, crossing her arms and pouting. “It’s a size thing. You know, since the hell pup looked pretty big in his arms. I forgot he wasn’t a kid and figured the dog was easy to deal with, but now I’m thinking I’m probably not going to be able to carry her. Oh well. Might be more fun to watch her walk across tile anyway.”

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PSA: If you want more than one thread with me, I am fine with that. If you want more than five threads with me? I am also fine with that. Don’t worry about how many threads we have, I will love each and every one.

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Our Husky puppy Stark seemed a little overheated after his walk this morning, so we decided to try something out. We regret it now because it is next to impossible to get him to come out….

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4. “Let’s build a treehouse!”

"Let’s build a treehouse!" Bill called to the stranger. He hung from the tree, delighted.

He had no idea who that lady was, but he wanted to make a treehouse and God knew he was going to make his treehouse.

"I suppose big enough," he said, looking at the table. Nothing fancy. But it would function. William looked around the tree house, choosing a suitable place for the table to be. With another burst of magic, a table similar to the one in the book appeared out of nowhere. It had been stolen directly from the shop.

"Aaaand these chairs with the soft seats, those curtains, and this sort of bench-storage space thing," she continued, pointing to each item’s picture and clarifying her color choice if it differed from the one on display. "Do you sleep, sir? Or, um, would you want to sleep here? Do you think there might be a few good hammocks somewhere in this thing?" Tambry reached out and gingerly turned the pages to the back, wary of the magic deciding it wanted to speed up the process and accidentally giving her a paper cut. 


That’s my favorite animal!

Birthday Brunch


Robbie glanced around and the stuff on the counter, picking out tasks he felt comfortable pushing off onto the other teen. The raven absentmindedly tapped his fingers against the back of her hand as he thought. He looked over at the fourth pile, running through the recipe for the quiche in his mind. Nodding slightly, he pointed over to the pile while nudging Tambry in it’s direction. 

"Yeah, see those sheets of phyllo dough? Layer those, spraying each layer with cooking spray, then press it into a circular pan. Whisk two eggs, two cups of ricotta, and two tablespoons of parmesan in a bowl. That’ll help."

Meanwhile, he walked over to the first pile, grabbing a pan from the cabinet where they were kept. A small onion and a few cloves of garlic were brought over to the side of the stove, quickly chopped up and tossed in the pan on medium heat along with some oil. 

"What have you been doing? How’s Tesla?" 

Tambry nuzzled against Robbie’s back as she waited for him to give her a task, smiling contentedly at all the physical contact. He moved her aside and she pouted a little, bumping him with her hip before turning her attention back to the food. His instructions seemed simple enough. It was just like making a pie, only easier because the crust wasn’t this horrible graham cracker and butter abomination she had to mix on her own. She set to work right away, wiping her work area clean before touching any food.

"Honestly? Not too much. Still talking to people across the multiverse, trying to figure out what the deal is with all the magic in town without actually going out and getting myself killed, but mostly just hanging out at home and enjoying whatever summer vacation I have left. And Tes is doing great! He’s gotten big! Well, you know, not, like, husky big, but you can tell he’s grown a little when you compare the ‘first day’ pics to today."

A glob of eggy cheese hit the counter and she cursed, scooping it up to toss back into the bowl with her fingers. “What about you? I know you were in a really bad place for a while. What inspired you to come back out to see the rest of us, Robs?”

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Another example of applied origami: these self-assembling robots created by Samuel Felton and his colleagues at the Harvard Microrobotics Lab. The robots are built with a special shape-memory polymer, with hinges that fold when heated by a circuit.

Look out Optimus Prime!

Image: Seth Kroll, Wyss Institute / Video: Samuel Felton