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No, I haven’t, actually. But that wouldn’t work. We’ve got a lot of stuff in my house. Besides, the animals are either guards, pets, or they produce our food. Not by being killed, though, don’t worry. And as pets we have the kittens, Martin and my mom’s cat. Sadly Princess doesn’t like the kittens much.

And the pool house is used for some guests and storing. Also I’m pretty sure sometimes some servants sleep there. Besides we don’t live in many rooms anyway. We’ve got a room for Princess and Martin, one of the kittens, a few for employees who are staying late… The pool house is usually occupied by the bird army, even if they’re technically not allowed there.
And, yeah, we can’t really move. We’ve been living in this house for generations. It’s the Northwests’ house. It’s kind of a thing at least one family of Northwests lives here.

Yeah, that last thing was what I figured…

You guys are hoarders. It’s like you /enjoy/ having all this junk around. Don’t know how you do it. I can barely even handle having one room for my pets.

Speaking of animals, do you know anyone who might want and is allowed to have a new kitten? One of Robs’ cats is expecting a new litter, and I’ve already asked a few people to take some, but we aren’t sure how many she’s going to have because we don’t know who the kitty daddy is. I’d ask Damian, but I /really/ don’t want Mr Wayne getting mad at me for letting him take in another pet.








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[text: Tambs] u wanna go out???
[text: Tambs] shopping or something i mean
[text: Tambs] my plans kinda got cancelled and im bored

[text: ~*Shezow*~] Sure! 
[text: ~*Shezow*~] Please tell me your mall has some decent stuff
[text: ~*Shezow*~] I can’t look at another piece of flannel


Bill blinked, surprised by her sudden outburst. He considered her words and shrugged.

"Dunno. He made the thing himself so it wasn’t expensive or anything. He just took effort in making it. He used a lot of energy, but that’s all. And it’s not like energy can’t be recovered." Bill rocked on his seat, thinking for a bit. He was still strangely calm from the hug.

"I dunno what he’d appreciate. Probably a thank you card will be fine. Or maybe just a small gift or whatever."

He just took effort into making it. He used a lot of energy.

Tambry groaned and curled up a little, pressing her face against the bedsheets to muffle the sound. Maybe that wasn’t a big deal to Bill or William, but homemade gifts were everything to the little human. She really had to do something special for him, now, or else she’d never feel good about taking this thing.

"Right, okay. I’ll… I’ll think of something." She sat up and brushed her hair out of her face, hugging her knees to her chest before looking up over at the other. " Thanks again, Bill. But, um, do you think you could maybe kind of sort of knock next time? I believe you weren’t here for long, but, you know, I’d rather not wake up to see you right next to me again."

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" That name…" she laughed to herself. She still couldn’t get over that name. It was just adorable and cheesy. It was perfect.

Ricky would’ve suggested Susan but the woman had more cats than anyone should legally own. Not that she was a hoarder, but her heart was so open. Hmm, she thought of Jason, did he have any pets? She didn’t see any at his house. He seemed more like a dog person but she couldn’t be certain.

" I could ask him I guess. Heck I’d love one, but I can’t. My Dad would be sneezing his brains out.” Then a thought hit her.

" I could even ask Officer Tambry."

"Yeah, I don’t think your house could handle an actual fluffball like that. Not unless you make some sort of hypo-allergenic charm or something when you get your powers back." Man, Tambry really thought of some rather boring solutions to problems. It made her a much more responsible magic-user than Ricky, but that was only because she was still disinterested in the entire process.

The taller girl’s suggestion made Tambry’s eyes light up and she nodded again, clapping her hands together in an oh-so-dorky manner. ”Yes! That would be purr-fect if you did.” Oh, she was probably going to kick herself for using such an obvious, overdone pun later, but what did that matter? It was the only appropriate way to express her happiness at having potentially found one of the best homes for the kittens, especially if Robbie’s ghostly presence made it possible for the little dear to always have some haunted company around while the other pet parent was at work. “Would you do that? We’d both really appreciate your help!”

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No, he’s not a real demon, he’s just an insufferable little brat that I’ve had the displeasure of being stuck with on multiple occasions. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ever actually turned out to be one- hypothetically speaking, of course. Kid nearly killed me once, after all.

You know another person named Nomi? What are they like?

Wait, what? You… that was an accident, right? It couldn’t have been on purpose. Yeah, he’s kind of sort of obviously more than just a little bit rude with that /horrible/ nickname he gave you, but he’s not a murderer. I-I mean, Randy wouldn’t make friends with that kind of person.

And Nomi is quiet. And nice. Really sweet and actually great at putting up with me when I’m being kind of a jerk about what I want to do even though he was totally my guest and I should have been taking his thoughts into consideration first but goddammit I really wanted to climb that tree and-

And, um, my friend. Probably has the best hair out of pretty much anyone I know. I mean… /damn/, I could never get mine to look that bright for long.

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That was wonderful news! She could already picture them now, tiny little bundles of fluff nursing from their momma. Aww, they’ll be cute!

" You better promise me pictures, Tam. Newborn animals are a weakness of mine."

"Oh, duh! Hell, I’m totally holding Robbiepaws hostage until Robs lets me go over and take pics." Well, that wasn’t entirely true. As much as that cat enjoyed Tambry’s company, he would much rather be at home with his Burmese companion. The temporary separation made him the tiniest bit melancholy, and sometimes she’d catch him staring out the window in the direction of Robbie’s house, just waiting for the lanky boy to come and take him back to his friend. Tambry wouldn’t dare keep him away longer than was necessary, and besides, it wasn’t like she couldn’t just take lots of pictures of her own kitten whenever she was home.

"Hey, you know, Robs can still use some help giving them away. I already got my friend Randy to agree to one, but there might be a few more still up for grabs. Do you know anyone who’d like one? Maybe Jason?"

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Ricky almost did a double take. This was a joke right? Rob and her were only teens! Oh wait…

" You mean the kittens right?"

"Yeah!" Tambry nodded excitedly, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet. "We’re getting really close to Tamantha’s due date! Ohh, I’ve never been a kitty parent before! This is going to be exciting!”


Bill shrugged. “Well, you can eat the crystal and absorb the energy? It’s not really… It’s not really meant to be eaten, but you can? Like… it’s like eating a rock or something. You can eat it, but it’s not mean to be eaten.” He shrugged again. 

"I guess some people like it? I probably wouldn’t. I don’t think William would, either, but it’s a possible thing to do."

Tambry wrinkled her nose and screwed up her mouth in disgust. ”Gross. Yeah, I think I’m just going to wear it. You know, make it last longer and not waste it. Don’t think William would appreciate… oh shit, I can’t just take this!” She pushed up her bangs and sat back, once again overwhelmed by having received something of this magnitude . This was far too nice for her to simply accept without some sort of exchange. A stone this powerful was on par with receiving a car or new smartphone, and her parents would be so disappointed if she didn’t give some sort of return gift of appreciation. 

"How do I pay William back for this? I mean, it’s… it’s too much for me to just give him a ‘thank you’ card. What does he like that he doesn’t have?" Probably nothing with her luck. He was a very powerful demon, and she was barely getting her feet wet in the metaphorical magical pool. What could a little human give to a demon who’d traveled to hundreds of different worlds?

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So young

         and yet

                    you carry so much burden.

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